After Brexit comes Wrexit

Well, well, well. After #Brexit comes Wrexit (according to The Sun Newspaper). The landmark decision yesterday by three judges in the High Court has far reaching consequences causing rethink and chaos in equal measure. Here’s a selection of what some people had to say in the aftermath of the decision. Mr Dos Santos is a…

The Brexit Process

With all credit to Citibank, we reproduce here their summary of the #Brexit process. eye-on-the-market Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Michael Gove 14.10.16

A strong message for the remainers! “For those determined to undo a result they did not anticipate, and still don’t understand, that means using the exercise of “parliamentary scrutiny” to delay or dilute the impact of the referendum verdict. It means continually seeking to delegitimise the people’s decision by attributing any manifestation of prejudice to…

BrexitEye – the concept

Welcome to BrexitEye, keeping a Brexit eye on #Brexit #progress. Keep track of what’s happening with #respect to BREXIT from many sources of information updated frequently . Did you like this? Share it:Tweet